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Racks 4 Wine was conceived and developed by Bruce T. Davis

Mr. Davis is the current Chairman of the Board of Davis Aircraft Products which was founded by his father Frank L. Davis in the early 1950’s .

Frank Davis held over hundred patents ranging from the seat belt to the litter cot . The corporations products have been successfully manufactured and distributed all over the world for over sixty years.

Bruce began working at Davis Aircraft in his early twenties from the ground up. He experienced every aspect of manufacturing from engineering,production,distribution and most importantly customer support. He has been the President of Davis Aircraft for over three decades now and is continuing his passion for innovative manufacturing with Racks 4 Wine.

Mr. Davis became an avid wine collector in the 90’s and has grown his personal collection to over five thousand bottles. In those years of collecting he has experienced many of the challenges of storing, maintaining and moving wine from location to location. Over the years, of growing , storing and relocating his own collection he became aware that one of the most tedious and time consuming task’s were the wine racks themselves. He set out to design a wine rack system that could be produced and marketed for the everyday user but with the quality that an avid collector would use themselves.

The rack system itself has been designed from the ground up with all the challenges a wholesaler encounters when marketing to the general public. We feel the most important of these are :

Production: The unified materials and design of the racks enables them to be mass produced avoiding any supply chain interruption.

Simple Assembly : Our innovative design enables the consumer to assemble the racks in minutes by hand with no tools or tedious leveling required at all. We also indentified that in any assembly or reassembly the consumer sometimes miss places smaller assembly items. In the packaging we included extra items that we feel might be miss placed during these times to avoid any unnecessary reshipping cost’s. We like to say, one and done!

Shipping and Storage: The packaging and light weight materials implemented maximizes square footage storage while minimizes shipping costs.

Quality and Innovative Design: The tubular construction of the racks gives it all the strength needed to support the wine in any environment. The rack system actually uses the weight of the wine to self  level on any surface in the home.

Wholesale Distribution and Marketing: We feel that the combination of innovative engineering for the consumer and wholesaler makes our product unique for all users small and large alike!

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